The Knesset: The Likud and Israel Beytenou have introduced a draft law to give statutory force to Israel’s undertaking to promote the creation of a Kurdish State, in any of the following territories: Turkey, Syria or Iraq.

During the Cold War, Israel struck up an alliance with the Iraqi Kurds and promoted Mustafa Barzani to the rank of an official of the Israeli National Intelligence Agency, Mossad. In contrast, Israel fought with the Turkish Kurds, including those that took refuge in Syria, and participated in kidnapping Abdullah Ocalan.

In 2017, Israel had been the only state to recognize the independence referendum for an Iraqi Kurdistan. Benjamin Netanyahu backed Massoud Barzani, concretizing his support in two undertakings. First to transfer to this Iraqi Kurdistan 200 000 Israeli and second to set up batteries of missiles aimed at Iran and Syria.

The Kurds are a nomadic people that have only recently settled down. Establishing a Kurdistan can only be legitimate on a territory where the Kurds constitute the majority of the population. Expelling non-Kurdish populations in order to create an independent Kurdistan can only provoke a situation of conflict comparable to the creation of Israel, which came at the cost of expelling the Arab peoples of Palestine.

Anoosha Boralessa