How to apply a total no fly zone in Syria?

Military science used the expression “security measures used in combat”. The United States has applied extremely sophisticated security measures of combat in all theatres in which they operate to protect their soldiers. As Russia did not want to get on the wrong side of Israel, Turkey and the United States, did not want to take this type of measure. They told themselves: “everything’s fine”. But this policy has not worked. They have lost 15 officers, who died when the Russian reconnaissance plan, IL-20, was brought down. All these officers were highly qualified in a very sensitive sector. Russia will need 5 to 6 years before they can be replaced.

The consequence of this drama is that Moscow is going to take very tough security measures in Syria, regardless of what the reaction of Washington may be.

Thus the Russian Minister of Defense has declared that in two weeks’ time he would provide Syria with modern systems of anti-air (AA) missiles: S-300 / PMU2, with a 250 km range. But it is not these missiles that will guarantee the security of the planes and the Russian and Syrian land targets. This is why they are not the most important element. The true importance is the global architecture created by Russia around the Syrian air space.

In addition to the AA systems S-300 / PMU2, Russia is going to deliver the most modern system in the world for air-management. This is called C3I which ensures automated management. This represents a giant step for the Syrian army, increasing precision by 50 times. Thus the launch of the oldest missiles belonging to the Soviet period (the S-200, S-75, S-125, etc.) will no longer be a risk-ladened venture; in fact, it will be almost as precise as the S-300.

The role of the systems of automated management is an interface that is necessary to enable the Syrian air and defense units to work at the same time, now with the Russians as well.

1. Once a radar in Syria detects an air target in Syria, the automated system will display the information on all the radars for recognizing and controlling the air force and the Syrian and Russian missiles and AA artillery.

2. All the units of AA missiles and the Syrian inceptor planes will be stored in the memory of the Russian integrated computer servers that store the radar print of all the air targets and include cruise missiles and the F35.

3. Once identified, the air targets are recorded and their data re-dispatched from the central automated system towards the command of the Syrian Armed Forces. The entire process is automatically supervised by the Head of the Russian Contingency in Syria.

4. All air targets (civil planes, Russian, Syrian and foreign military planes) are symbolized by coloured buttons, ranging from blue, green, yellow, orange and red according to the degree of risk. This also creates an order of priority for responding to enemy attack. In the second screen shot (see image) the automated management system observed how the Israeli F-16 manoeuvred so as to put the Russian IL-20 plane between it and the s-200 missile.

5. The Russian IT system then puts in a position of combat, all the units of Syrian Air Force and the Syrian missiles that extrapolate the trajectory of the targets assigned, by predicting the land targets of the enemy, by calculating the number and type of fighter planes available and the AA missiles that have to enter into action.

6. The Syrian planes and missiles are controlled by a channel of data flow, impossible to mess with.

7. The automated systems of management have also equipment that makes any interference impossible. It calculates, by a method of triangulation, the coordinates of the air target, that generates the interference. The Syrian Army will also receive from Russia specialized material in this domain. The result is a precise following of the evolution of the generators of interference and the elimination of false targets.

8. Russia will deploy equipment that permits to interfere the navigation teams by satellite (GPS), naval or air transported radars, the data and communications for all means of attack against Syria from the Mediterranean. This interference equipment will operate under the coordination of the management system of the Syrian air space. The British “invisible” cruise missiles Storm Shadow, the French Scalp, the US JASMM missiles and the invisible Tomahawk launched last April, are guided by GPS. Fortune no longer favours them, for no longer will they be able to touch any more any targets in Syria. And all this due to the operation by which the Israelis provoked the destruction of the Russian plane IL 20, with the participation of a French frigate and a British Tornado plane.

9. It is very probable that the system of automatisation deployed will be Polyana D4M1. It can:
• cover an area of 800 km2 (the equivalent of the entire area of France)
• follow 500 air targets and ballistic missiles at the same time and act at the same time against 250 of them.
• integrate more than 14 divisions of the long range AA missiles S-300, short range and medium range AA missiles, of whatever generation. The reaction time is 1-3 seconds.

10. Once the Syrian Army will be integrated in this system of air space management, its system will be similar to those of the Russian, US, British, French and Israeli armies. The Syrian Arab Army will then be able to unleash an offensive against the terrorists in the province of Idleb, without fearing US, British, Israeli and French reprisals. And from this point of view, the external aggression waged in Syria, masked by the expression “civil war” will soon end.

Contrary to Syria, which received this system from Russia without having to pay a cent, Romania, a Nato member state, has bought 7 US Patriot anti air batteries, 3.6 billion euro….. without the system of automatization of management. If war breaks out, hundreds of Patriots missiles will be launched against false air targets.

Anoosha Boralessa