On 13 November 2018, Western Governments launched, a campaign in the UN Council of Human Rights in support of Chinese Islamists, some of whom had been preventively interned in brain washing/mind-set adjusting camps.

2010 – 2011 saw the start of the Nato Operations aimed at putting the Muslim Brotherhood into power in all Arab States. The People’s China – just like some Western countries — facilitated the departure of its Islamists to the Middle East. China thought quite wrongly that this would have washed out all jihadi intoxicants from its system. Slowly, it understood that the remedy was worse than the evil. The Islamists that left to fight in Libya and Syria served as models for new recruits on their own soil. There then followed a number of attacks, in Muslim regions as well as others.

Up till now, Muslims living in Xijiang benefitted from a number of exceptions to the general law. For example, they were permitted to have several children whereas the Chinese were only authorized to have one.

In the past, the CIA backed the separatist aspirations of the “Ouigour” Chinese against the “Hans” Chinese. The CIA precedent for this position: the support it gave Chechen separatists against ethnic Russians. Today, the CIA supports the jihadists. This is a totally novel move but it is targeted at the same objective: weakening Beijing and Moscow.

After the 19th Congress of the Communist Party in October 2017, China incapable of absorbing Islam into its corpus, started to consider that jihadism cannot be dissociated from Islam itself. Several supporters of the Islamic policy have been arrested and forced to submit to brainwashing/re-education. How many? We can’t say: according to the sources, anything from 10 000 to 1 000 000.

The Communist Party has just requested all its members to take an oath that they will not practice the halal regime. Today, some Muslim traditions are prohibited by law.

A Turkish Speaking Chinese community of 18 000 persons of at least 5000 combatants, is currently set up in Idleb (Syria). It benefits from the support of the Secret Service of Turkey, a member of Nato. Syria and Russia have accepted not to attack them for now, fearing that a part of them will be repatriated. We also signal the arrival of a number of Chinese jihadists in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand but also in the Philippines, where it considered that the problem had been sorted out.

Anoosha Boralessa