On 27 October 2019, President Donald Trump triumphantly announced the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder and leader of ISIS. [1]

According to reports, the caliph was reportedly located in Idleb governorate (northwestern Syria) using information collected by Iraq. The US Special Forces have reportedly erected from Erbil (the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan), the "Operation". Seven or eight helicopters have crossed Syria. Two would have landed the US soldiers, while the others would have covered the operation from the air. The caliph escaped through a tunnel carrying three of his children as human shields. Struck by US Army dogs, he blew himself up with his children. Nine of his bodyguards and one other child were reportedly killed during the assault. His death would have been confirmed by DNA analysis of the remains of his body. No loss would be deplored on the US side.

So ends this beautiful story. Force remains in America!

In this super-production, the role of the Caliph was held by a descendant in direct line of the Prophet Muhammad. He was born in Fallujah, the stronghold of the Resistance to the US occupation of Iraq. He had been imprisoned for 10 months in the Bucca and Adder camps, where the CIA and the Navy conducted conditioning experiments, but it is unclear whether he was subjected to it. He had solemnly proclaimed the caliphate in Mosul, ten years later, in July 2014. Once this performance achieved, he does not seem to have had any responsibility in the Islamic State if not to read some communiqués.

The caliph was reportedly hiding in the Syrian village of Barisha. It is located in the governorate of Idleb, an area home to al-Qaida and Daesh fighters who fled before the Syrian reconquest. This area is besieged to the south and east by the Syrian Arab army and protected by the Turkish army. This village is itself located on the Turkish border. To give this precision amounts to accusing the Turkish army of protecting the caliph in person.

President Donald Trump thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and the Syrian Kurds for their assistance. For the moment, we do not know what the role of all these allies would have been, just to note that, for the first time in a long time, the United States has thanked Syria. Lack of luck for the president-candidate, the Russian staff immediately made it known that his radar had not captured a helicopter squad in the region, neither on Saturday nor on other days of the week . He further stated that he did not know why he was being thanked.

[1Donald Trump on the Death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi”, by Donald Trump, Voltaire Network, 27 October 2019.