According to a report by US National Intelligence Director Avril Haines, dated 15 March 2021 [1], Russia and Iran, as well as Lebanese Hezbollah, Cuba and Venezuela interfered in the US presidential election to the detriment of Joe Biden.

According to an announcement by the US Treasury Department [2], the four Russian-based sites SouthFront, NewsFront, Strategic Culture Foundation and InfoRos are “disinformation outlets controlled Russian intelligence services” (sic).

Consequently, FBI agents paid a personal visit to each of the US journalists working for these news sites to apprise them that they would be liable to seizure of their fees, plus a fine of $ 311,562, if they persisted in collaborating with these “enemies of America” (sic).

Indeed, these websites often report on the abuses committed by the US government around the world on the basis of tip-offs received from Russian intelligence services. Be that as it may, all the information we were able to verify turned out to be correct, although none of it has been picked up by the Western media thus far.

[1"Foreign Threats to the 2020 US Federal Elections", Director of National Intelligence, declassified March 15, 2021.