The National Pulse revealed that a subsidiary of the foundation founded by Hunter Biden (son of President Joe Biden) and Christopher Heinz (step-son of John Kerry) has played a key role in the Pentagon’s biological research programs in Ukraine.

Russia uncovered the breadth of these programs after laying hold of about 15 Ukrainian bioweapons research laboratories funded by the Pentagon, in breach of the Convention prohibiting biological weapons.

In September 2020, the daily tabloid New York Post disclosed that the FBI had laid its hands on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, which contained evidence of his involvement in illegal business dealings in Ukrainia and China. All US intelligence agencies in chorus accused Russia of spreading rumors with a view to destabilizing the State. However, on 16 March, the New York Times finally confirmed the authenticity of the laptop [1]. Many Republican officials have since been asking to know more.

Hunter Biden (photo) is a junkie serving as figurehead for the “interests” of the Straussians. The Democratic majority of the US House of Representatives had launched an impeachment procedure against President Trump (Ukrainegate) because he had attempted to shed light on these Ukrainia “affairs.”

In calling out the “gang of drug addicts in power in Kyev,” Russian President Vladimir Putin was referring to Hunter Biden and his gang of cohorts.

Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department, Natalie Winters & Raheem J. Kassam, The National Pulse, March 24, 2022.