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Contents of N°25:

 Editorial: Israel holds the key to the Ukrainian conflict
 US Security Council declares the Wagner group a "criminal organization"
 Against domestic use of gas
 Next White House chief of staff Jeffrey Zients
 CSIS recommends sanctioning Russian and Chinese banks
 US Jews worried about Netanyahu government
 54 influential US journalists paid by George Soros
 Congress to extend social media probes to TV stations
 US uranium ammunition for Ukraine
 The Biden administration against Google’s anticompetitive practices
 Migration pressure in the USA
 Las Vegas Arms Fair
 The dollar still central
 Lula dismisses the Brazilian chief of staff
 Lula condemns Russia’s "occupation" of Ukraine
 Fernández and Lula for a common Argentinian-Brazilian currency
 The UK is a coup expert
 Influential French journalists secret guests of President Macron
 Major demonstrations in France against pension reform
 Bruno Le Maire blocks RT France Bank accounts
 Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty
 France will raise its military budget to NATO standards
 Spain and France sign a Treaty of Friendship
 The Spanish right united against Pedro Sánchez
 Germany sends heavy tanks to Ukraine
 Denmark does not know how to finance its military budget increase
 Sweden will not join NATO as long as Turkey opposes it
 Finland won’t join NATO until Sweden can
 Hungary extends its ideological fight
 G7 and EU companies overwhelmingly stay in Russia
 EU embarrassed by Parliament’s vote against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
 Two EU states to break diplomatic relations with Russia
 Serbia no longer wishes to join the EU
 According to President Zelensky Vladimir Putin is already dead
 Emese Fajk, high-flying con artist and spokesperson for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion
 Ukraine stores weapons in its nuclear power plants
 Ukrainian Military Intelligence chief accuses SBU of murdering Ukrainian hero
 Major reshuffle of the Ukrainian government
 Russia arms key official buildings in Moscow
 European Court of Human Rights declares jurisdiction over Russia
 US interests in Libya
 Partial meeting of the Arab League in Tripoli
 Arrest of a Tunisian Islamists leader
 The inappropriate aid of the Libyan Brothers to Tunisia
 The Moroccan Parliament against the European Parliament and France
 Morocco denies wanting to host a US military base
 Burkina Faso ends military cooperation with France
 Separatists in Cameroon
 Gabon worried about an upcoming Spanish military base in Equatorial Guinea
 Eritrea withdraws from Ethiopia
 The trial of British investment in Nigeria
 Massacres in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
 One more opponent to President Kagame dies
 China-Russia-South Africa naval maneuvers
 Benjamin Netanyahu bends before the Supreme Court and prepares his reform
 Israel’s attorney general against keeping prime minister
 Israeli Media Law Reform
 Protest in Israel against PM’s reform plans
 Pentagon backs IDF but not Iran bombing plan
 Mike Pompeo condemns Benjamin Netanyahu
 Fundraising for Israeli extremists in the US
 Jordan worried about Israeli attitude to “Noble Shrines”
 Summits around Egypt and Jordan
 France prepares a summit for its candidate in Lebanon
 Iran’s aid to Syria
 Russia tries to solve the Kurdish problem in Syria
 Dangerous rivalry between Iraqi Kurds
 Iraqi PM turns to US side
 Saudi Arabia expects Israeli gestures towards Palestinians
 An Iranian satellite constellation
 Narendra Modi caught up in his past
 The Philippines wants to get along with China
 Difficult promotion of South Korea
 China at the South Pole
 Speaker of the US House of Representatives in Taiwan
 Jacinda Ardern gives up

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