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Contents of N°27:

 Editorial: Ukrainian and Russian casualty figures according to Mossad
 The Chinese balloon affair
 US Justice at Ukraine’s service
 Republican Retaliation in Congress
 Republicans oppose gas stove ban
 Brian Deese leaves the White House
 Americans negatively judge the impact of the Biden administration
 Democrats no longer support a new Biden candidacy
 Strange SOTU address
 Pro-Israel US lawmakers warn against Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies
 CIA predicts Israeli-Palestinian conflict
 Former Twitter executives deny receiving orders from FBI
 Pope Francis’ meeting with Presidents Zelensky and Putin postponed
 Russia Today ceases operations in France and Germany
 Nord Stream was destroyed by the USA with a little help from Norway
 EU bans the purchase of Russian oil
 EU sets aside €1 billion for Ukraine’s reconstruction
 EU plans to ban renting poorly insulated buildings
 Accusation of organ trafficking in Moldova and Ukraine
 Already 19 million books removed from Ukrainian libraries
 Ukrainian families worried about their men
 CIA peace plan in Ukraine
 Ukraine declares PMC Wagner a "criminal organization"
 Use of chemical weapons by a Ukrainian unit
 Vladimir Putin denounces German support for Ukronazis
 Patriarch Kirill I was an informant of the USSR
 Follow-up to the Russian investigation into US biological labs in Ukraine
 US resumes New START disarmament negotiations with Russia
 Tunisian justice wants to get to the truth about 2013 killings
 President Kaiis Saied sacks his foreign minister
 Mali cleans up
 Sergey Lavrov beats the EU in Sudan
 Three Christian hierarchs in South Sudan
 Does Uganda practice or punish torture?
 DRC expels Rwandan soldiers from EACRF
 Netanyahu administration promotes illegal settlements
 56 economists against Benjamin Netanyahu’s program
 France tries to reorganize Lebanon to its advantage
 Governor Riad Salamé running for his own succession at the head of the Lebanese Central Bank
 Syria, Russia reaffirm opposition to chemical weapons
 US “sanctions” prohibit aid to Syrian earthquake victims
 Türkiye exports US equipment to Russia
 Biden administration fails to force Türkiye to enforce ’sanctions’ against Russia
 Sadat Peker postpones his revelations
 Tehran reminds Paris that it gave Israel the nuclear bomb
 Mohammad Khatami returns to duty
 Attacks on military bases in Iran
 Imran Khan tries to discredit Pakistani justice
 India has two aircraft carriers
 Philippines accepts to host four new US military bases
 China’s balloon strategy
 Trial of pro-Western protest leaders in Hong Kong
 China supports Russian defense industry
 US strategy in Ukraine and Taiwan