After September 11, 2001, the world seemed to be united on a few certainties. Unprecedented attacks had been perpetrated by Islamic fanatics against the U.S. power symbols. Each person had to take sides: obscurantism or freedom.

One year later, those certainties made room for skepticism, and even for indignation. Despite the repeated promises, the United States has failed to present the international community with evidence that such attacks were really committed by their foreign enemies.

Going back on his promises of transparency, George W. Bush spoke of “secret evidence” and summoned two witnesses to assist him: Tony Blair and Pervez Musharraf. But after having constituted, together with the U.S. President and the British Prime Minister, the core of the international alliance, the Pakistani President went back on his word of appraisal and declared that he did not believe Osama Bin Laden had been able to have devised and performed the attacks.

So, the real culprits have not been taken to the Courts yet, not even have they been found. Anyhow, the Bin Laden alibi allowed to answer the attacks with a simple colonial expedition, long foreseen, to impose the building of a pipeline through Afghanistan.
What’s more, given the perpetual pretext on which he counts, George W. Bush thinks to have the universal right of bombing, not any longer to punish the culprits but as a preventive measure of his own to do away with those who, any day now, may become culprits in his eyes. And that’s why he has made an heteroclite list of enemies, whom he accuses of devising terrible projects within the so-called axis of evil.

In consecutive waves, this irrational speech has sunk the international relations, drowning all legal concepts. Whole nations can collectively be found guilty of crimes, according to an FBI unverifiable report, and consequently be crushed down by the U.S. military machine. Others can be threatened of destruction just because their leaders are suspect of wanting to get equipped with weapons that, maybe some day, could be used against the United States.
In order to mobilize the western crowds, all of this propaganda has been disguised in religious formulas.

George Bush preaches the crusade in Washington’s cathedral, while the Defense Department broadcasts videos of Osama Bin Laden calling to the Jihad. And in the Muslim world it is gradually found out that the impossible-to-capture Bin Laden is not an Islam hero but a CIA puppet, and as a result, they are getting ready for the worst.
It is time a halt was called to the fevered speech of the civilization wars as well as to the preparations for war of the Americans. To do this, it is necessary to give up the mystic of the crusades and come back to the standards of the Law. The world public opinion should demand that their leaders create a new international investigation commission within the UN to unravel the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. citizens should hold their civilian and military leaders accountable.

Because the list of unanswered questions is enormous. Why wasn’t any action taken to stop the attacks that had been announced by several American and foreign secret services? Why wasn’t the bank secret revealed to identify the masterminds behind the stock market speculations made before the attacks in the aviation and insurance companies that fell victim to the attacks? Why were the managers of the World Trade Center big companies kept away from the scene of the tragedy, being invited to a charity function at the Offutt military base, where they accompanied George W. Bush? Why did the Twin Towers collapse when an official technical commission proved that, despite the initially considered assumptions, the combustion of the airplanes was not enough to account for the extremely quick destruction of the structures?

Why did tower 7, where a CIA base was stationed and which was not hit by any plane, also collapsed, when the official technical commission proved that, contrary to the initial assumptions, the shaking of the first two collapsing towers had not destabilized the foundations of this third building? Why wasn’t the White House annexed location consumed by fire? How come the masterminds of the attacks had the secret codes of the U.S. presidency?
What happened to flight No. 77? Why did they say that it had crashed against the Pentagon when it was actually reached by a missile? Who launched that missile? Why was the removal of the ruble and its vitrification immediately organized, that is, the systematic destruction of all pieces of evidence?...

Silence in the U.S.A

All over the world, the U.S. allies are worried about Washington’s silence as regards all the above questions, about their war preparation projects, and even more, about the deep domestic crisis shown by this forward flight.
The world’s greatest power, the one that defeated nazism and resisted Stalinism, is sick, very sick. In order to defend freedom in the face of terrorism, the USA Patriot Act suspended for 4 years the fundamental rights proclaimed in the Bill of Rights. In the framework of the TIPS program, the country of freedom recruited one out of 24 citizens as a police informer, thus reaching a social control level that was not even imagined by the STASI in the disappeared GDR.

With the purpose of defending the democratic institutions in the event that a Government fell victim to a terrorist attack, the new Government Continuity program has foreseen to transfer the political power of those elected by the people to the military. Preparing for this eventuality, the head of the inter-arms General Staff already made a substitute military government, willing to take the baton of the civilian government at any time.
The international peace is under an anti-democratic inflection in the United States and open to a Pentagate. Will the great people that was once able to bring to light, a few years ago, the dealings of Latin-American secret services and to force President Nixon to resign after the Watergate scandal, be able to demand their leaders, to clarify the attacks and to punish the real culprits?