The attacks in London have again given some credibility to those who, along with George W. Bush, called for a world war on terrorism. Before the attacks in London, the Americans had already started to wonder about the real reasons of the war against Iraq. It has been proven that there were no links between the regime of Saddam Hussein and the September 11 attacks. Going to war in Iraq, using false excuses, caused a notable reduction of Bush’s popularity. And the situation was similar for Tony Blair in the domestic and international political arena, particularly after lying to his people about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Right after the explosions in Madrid, the Spanish Prime Minister, who had been just elected, complied with his promise of pulling his troops out of Iraq. Bush’s appeals did not stop him. On the contrary, the withdrawal of the British troops in Iraq are not even considered, although the reason for the attacks in London, according to those who claimed responsibility, was the presence of British troops in Muslim countries. Before the attacks in London, it is probable that most of the British people asked themselves why Blair abandoned his European allies and joined Bush in an exhausting war at al levels: humanitarian, material…etc. Although the explosions in London represented another argument to establish a link between the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism, they have also showed the dirtiness of such war in the framework of the “war of civilizations”.
Blair has declared that the attacks in London were carried out in the name of Islam, even when most Muslims condemned them. Actually, this declaration is a call on Muslims to multiply their efforts to put an end to extremism, which does not distinguish among Europeans, Americans or Arabs, as it happened in the case of the Egyptian diplomat killed in Iraq. Anyway, the attacks have been another argument for Bush who insists that his war in Iraq a part of a global war on terror, an excuse that began to tumble with the July 7 attacks and that is not convincing Americans anymore. What happened that morning of July in London allowed Blair to breathe and to get out of the difficult situation in which he was in due to his alliance with Bush.

Annahar (Lebanon)

من المستفيد؟ تفجيرات لندن,” by Samih Saab, Annahar, July 7, 2005.