Syria reportedly delivered to Hezbollah mobile surface-to-surface Fateh-110 missiles capable of reaching every Israeli city, according to DEBKAfile, an Israeli website.

Quoting Israeli military and security sources, the website further reports that the missile weighs three tons with a half-ton precision-guided warhead and a range of 250 kilometers.

Armed with a solid-fuel propellant, the missile is capable of firing at speed with little advance preparation.

According to the same website, Tel Aviv was expecting Damascus to deliver anti-aircraft missiles to Hezbollah but not this type of arms, which constitute a real danger. Fired from mobile launchers, the missiles cannot be detected by Israeli planes.

Quoting Israeli sources, DEKBAfile reported that the Fateh-110 missile issue was at the heart of discussions between Syrian President Bachar Assad and US Middle East envoy George Mitchell, as well as with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos. Mitchell and Moratinos alledgedly relayed to Damascus an Israeli warning that if Hezbollah ventured to fire the Fateh-110, Israel was determined to hit back at strategic and military targets inside Syria.