In the US coalition against Isis, The Belgian army has taken up the baton from the Netherlands. Six of Belgium’s 16 F-16 will participate in bombing Syria.
However, Syria has not granted a single member of the anti-Isis coalition authorization to use force on its territory. Damas has a report on the destruction brought about by the foreign armies and regularly sends this to the UN Security Council in light of the damage brought about by the recent war.

For several months now, Belgium has acquired know-how, unparalleled in the West on jihadi networks. It could stop and dismantle a number of branches and terrorist cells on its soil. It has become the chief source of information for other Western police.

The fundamental contradiction between the approaches of the Belgian police and its Foreign Minister must be made clear. It is unclear if Belgium can continue with these two policies at the same time.

Anoosha Boralessa