Barack Obama was “automatically a saint”: he had barely entered the White House when he was honoured pre-emptively in 2009 with the Nobel Peace Prize for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between [different] people”. In the meantime, his administration was already secretly preparing, through the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, for a war that two years later would demolish the state of Libya, and then would be extended to Syria and Iraq through terrorist groups functional to the US/Nato strategy.

In sharp contrast, Donald Trump is “automatically a demon” even before entering the White House. He is being accused of usurping the position that was meant for Hillary Clinton, through a satanic operation ordered by the Russian President Putin. The “evidence” has been provided by the CIA, the most expert body [when it comes to] material on infiltration and coups d’etat. We simply need to recall its operations to provoke and lead wars against Vietnam, Cambodia, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria; its coups d’etat in Indonesia, El Salvador, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Greece. Millions of people imprisoned, tortured and killed; millions uprooted from their homelands, transformed into asylum seekers subject to being treated like slaves, properly called. Especially in case of children and young women, enslaved, raped and forced to prostitute their bodies.

All this should be held in mind by those in the U.S.A and Europe, who are organizing a March for Women, to defend, quite rightly, that equality of sexes that was won through arduous struggles and is continually challenged by the sexist positions, which Trump, among others, expresses. But this is not why Trump has been charged in a campaign, which constitutes a new feature in the procedure for succession planning to the White House: this time the losing party does not recognize the legitimacy of the newly-elected president, but is attempting a pre-emptive impeachment. Trump is being presented as a sort of Manchurian Candidate who, once he has infiltrated the White House, would be controlled by Putin, an enemy of the United States.

This is how the neocon strategists, architects of the campaign, seek to prevent a change of route in US – Russian relationships, that the Obama administration has escalated to the level of Cold War. Trump is a “trader” who, continuing to base US policy on military might, intends to enter into negotiations with Russia, possibly with the ancillary aim of weakening Moscow’s alliance with Peking.

Meanwhile Europe fears a relaxation of the tension with Russia. This is especially true among Nato top brass, that has swelled with importance following the military escalation of the new cold war and the groups in power in the countries of the East– in particular Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States – that are counting on hostility with Russia to have increasing military and economic support from Nato and the EU.

In such a context, the demonstrations of 21 January cannot silence the liability of those who transformed Europe into the first line of battle, even nuclear, with Russia.

There are many other objectives for which we will have to demonstrate in Europe: not for the American subjects that do not want an “evil” president and are clamouring for a “good” one but to liberate ourselves from our subjugation to the United States that, regardless of who is president, is using Nato to exercise its influence in Europe; to exit this military alliance, to claim the removal of US nuclear arms from our countries.

We will need to demonstrate to allow our voices to be heard, as citizens, male and female, in the choice of foreign policy that is inextricably linked to internal economic and political issues and determines our living conditions and our future.

Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)