On 24 April, 2017 guess who supped with President Donald Trump? Senator John McCain, his wife Cindy and his colleague Lindsey Graham.
It appears that they have come to some sort of agreement: the United States would continue to protect Europe and therefore, would abstain from reaching an alliance with Russia, but at the same time would pull out from the “expanded Middle East”.

To seal this agreement, Washington’s policy in Europe would be entrusted to neo-conservatives.

 Tom Goffus, one of McCain’s assistants to the Senate Committee of Armed Forces, would be appointed the deputy assistant to the Defense Secretary in charge of Europe and Nato. Goffus is an officer of the US Air Force and has already held a similar office serving Hillary Clinton and the National Council of Security.

 Kurt Volker, the director of the McCain Institute (Arizona State University) would be appointed to a similar post but this time in the Department of State. Volker, a former military judge, had been the ambassador of President Bush Junior to Nato during the Georgian War (August 2008).

Senator John McCain is the spokesperson for the US Deep State. Israel was represented at this dinner by Senator Lindsey Graham.

Anoosha Boralessa