The Norwegian government had granted the Israeli atomist technician, Mordehaï Vanunu, the right to be reunited with his family in Norway.

Mordehaï Vanunu, an Israeli citizen who had converted to Christianity, revealed to the Sunday Times in 1986, secrets relating to the reactor at Dimona and his country’s military nuclear programme. Shimon Peres then ordered for him to be kidnapped in Rome and transferred to Israel where he was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.

Released in 2004, after serving the full term of his sentence (11 years of which was in solitary confinement), he is being placed under house arrest and barred from having any contact with the press. He has managed to get round this restriction about 20 times – once with Silvia Cattori for Voltaire Network [1]— and has been punished each time.

No one knows if he will or will not be able to leave Israel for Norway.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Mordechai Vanunu: "Iran poses no threat"”, by Silvia Cattori, Voltaire Network, 10 November 2011.