At the request of the US Government, the Union of the Comoros (a country commonly known as the Comoro Islands) has just cancelled 155 passports. Most of these passports had been handed over to Iranian personalities who had used them to get round the US embargo imposed on their country.

According to Reuters [1], this system has been set up when the Iranian president was Mahmud Ahmadineyad and he made a personal visit to the Comoros.

France would be directly concerned by this action given that it is the country that receives a large number of citizens from the Comoros. Also affected is Belgium, given that a Belgian private company is tasked with printing the passports for the citizens of the Comoros (previously the Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros).

Anoosha Boralessa

[1As sanctions bit, Iranian executives bought African passports”, Bozorgmehr Saharafedin & David Lewis, Reuters, June 29, 2018.