October 6, 2019 - 12:00 GMT — The Russian army has moved in to take several US military bases abandoned by retreating US forces in North Eastern Syria.

Allegations of clashes between the Russian and Syrian armies have all been put to rest, as have the rumors of supposed hostilities between the Russian and Turkish armies.

In Manbij, the Russian military police had to arbitrate between Syrian and Turkish forces.

The Turkish regular army invaded the 32-kilometer border area into Syria, while sparing the town of Qamishli, as Ankara had previously announced.

The auxiliary forces of the Turkish army, generally consisting of Turkmen militias who fly interchangeably the flag of either the "Free Syrian Army" or the "Syrian National Army", are pursuing their fight against YPG Kurds, mainly to the west of Rojava.

The Syrian Arab Army liberated almost all the territory that was occupied by the United States and administered under the name of Rojava.

More than 250,000 people are fleeing the fighting as an uninterrupted flow is crossing into Iraqi Kurdistan.

No verifiable news have so far been received from the French Special Forces who are not trained for this type of combat.