Despite the coronavirus pandemic, UAE soldiers and 4,000 US troops joined up to carry out an exercise on 21 and 22 March on a military base in the UAE.

The al-Hamra training camp ("red camp") was especially built in 2015 for $ 78 million, in anticipation for an attack against Iran. It comprises a replica of a small town with an airport and control tower, a mosque and a small oil refinery. Henceforth, preparations will be underway for an attack on Saudi Arabia.

The "Little Sparta", to use the expression of former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis when referring to the UAE, is currently fighting in southern Yemen, backed by British forces and under the orders of staff from the US General Command.

Unlike the Saudi troops, which largely consist of mercenaries, the armies of the Emirates are mainly made up of Emirati nationals.

This small state is destined to become the “policeman of the Greater Middle East” (including the Horn of Africa) within the framework of the extended NATO-ME theater of operations, according to the expression used by President Donald Trump.