President Donald Trump’s announcement on 27 July 2020 that he would soon designate Antifa as a terrorist organization is based on a 24 June report by the Homeland Security Department.

Entitled "The Syrian Conflict and Its Nexus to US-based Antifascist Movements) (downloadable below), and drawing on Thierry Meyssan’s article "NATO’S Anarchist Brigades" of 12 September 2017, the report describes Antifa’s engagement alongside the Kurdish forces.

Antifa is a movement subsidized by speculator George Soros and placed at NATO’s service. In the United States, they have coordinated the anti-racist protests that have taken place since George Flyod’s death on 25 May. In Portland, precisely, they are facing off with federal policemen of the Homeland Security Department and burning US flags and Bibles in front of the Federal Court.

The Homeland Security Department was created by President George W. Bush after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Paradoxically, it started out by denouncing Thierry Meyssan. This was before Donald Trump’s election ...

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The Syrian Conflict and Its Nexus to U.S.-based Antifascist Movements

US Department of Homeland Security, June 24, 2020

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