President Biden solemnly announced the withdrawal of regular US troops from Afghanistan. Yet Generals Kenneth McKenzie, Commander of US Forces in the Middle East (CentCom), Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and Austin Miller, who heads NATO forces in Afghanistan, had all pleaded for them to be kept.

The US Army has a monopoly on the trafficking of Afghan drugs.

It appears that before pulling out, the GI’s are enlarging two US military bases, which will be occupied by US mercenaries, some of whom are already on the ground. Thus the 2,500 troops should be replaced by around 20,000 mercenaries.

In all likelihood, the soldiers evacuated from Afghanistan will not return home, but will be transferred to Syria instead. The Pentagon’s Kurdish mercenaries (“Syrian Democratic Forces” - SDF) are upgrading an airstrip to facilitate their arrival.

The US military presence in Afghanistan has been approved by the puppet government put in place by them. In Syria, the situation is even clearer: it is a military occupation that is illegal under international law.

The Biden administration is pursuing the same “endless war” policy of Presidents Bush and Obama.