Journalist William Arkin, undisputed expert on the Defence and Homeland Security apparatuses, published a lengthy investigation on the Newsweek website [1]. It reveals the existence of a 60,000-strong Secret Special Forces within the US Armies.

They do not appear as such in the organizational charts of the Defence Secretariat, but are listed as subcontractors from 120 different companies. They can intervene at any time, anywhere in the world, even in the United States, in uniform or in civilian clothes.

Pentagon agents have mastered sophisticated ways of altering their faces and fingerprints so as to pass through biometric identification systems.

The Geneva Convention does not recognize as soldiers personnel acting without uniform or concealing their identity.

This program, known as the “Signature Reduction”, was formed in 2013 and is ignored by members of Congress.

[1Exclusive : Inside the Military’s Secret Undercover Army”, William M. Arkin, Newsweek, May 17, 2021.