In overthrowing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate, which has replaced it, seized several hundred thousand weapons, thousands of tanks and Humvees and even a minimum of four Black Hawks helicopters.

The question remains about the fate of 200 fighter jets that are still on Afghan soil.

Republican senators have asked the Pentagon to compile a list of materials nabbed by the Taliban, both weapons belonging to the US or given by the latter to the Islamic Republic.

This modus operandi is reminiscent of Daesh’s progression inside Iraq in 2014. The jihadists had thousands of identical vehicles at their disposal, straight out of the Toyota factory in Jordan. They crossed through Iraq at full speed and were promptly joined by Iraqi officers. They then seized stockpiles of US weapons that had just been delivered to the Iraqi military, most of which were still packed. They thus mounted a formidable army against Iraq, but also and above all against Syria. Some of these officers now live in the United States, a sign that they were already on their payroll then.

The CIA’s methods of flouting the law are unshakable.

One should wonder about the fact that Daesh and the Taliban have fighters trained to drive tanks, and this time it’s not just for delivering equipment to an Army, but also to an Air Force. As it is Black Hawks helicopters have magically trained pilots. What will it be in store for the Afghan air force?