The new Iraqi constitution is the main issue discussed by various Iraqi groups, with each calling for some changes in the articles of the document that will become the supreme law of the country. The debates are taking place in the Iraqi National Assembly but certain elements, both inside and outside of Iraq, are trying to make amendments to the draft constitution. That is the case of the Wahhabis and Salafis.
These sectarian groups oppose every aspect of the western civilization. This dangerous interpretation of Islam has its main center in the Arabian Peninsula. It is against all new ideas of Islam and opposes any kind understanding with followers of other religions. It is a misinterpretation of the writings of Prophet Mohammed and is one of the main reasons for the current confrontation between the East and the West. This sect, which was limited to the Arabian Peninsula and Afghanistan, has developed in Iraq and carries out suicide attacks. The Salafis, like the Baath Party, think that the Arabs are the world’s master race. The Baath Party is a secular party but Saddam Hussein used Salafi and Wahhabi agents to strengthen the pillars of his government. These groups have attacked western interests and the Shiite Iraqis have changed their goals after the downfall of Saddam Hussein.
They tarnish the image of Islam by carrying out suicide attacks and they cause conflict with the West. Their second objective is to prevent the Shiite Iraqis from attaining their rights and to undermine their efforts to create a religious democracy. They have the support of other Arab countries. It is necessary that Iraq declares a temporary state of emergency to fight these groups.

Tehran Times (Iran)

Wahhabi opposition to Iraqi constitution”,by Hassan Hanizadeh, Tehran Times, August 29, 2005.