In my opinion, the objective of the last resolution of MAGATE is to make the Iranian government address the international community once again. I think that in Russia there is the unanimous belief that Iran is not breaking any rules by resuming operations at the Center for Uranium Transformation in Ispahan. I think governments should prepare negotiations instead of making unsuitable statements. It is about reaching an agreement. The temporary suspension of uranium transformation is a unilateral decision by Iran and not the result of a legal action. This point was added to the Paris Accords.
Many people in Iran say that negotiations are being delayed in order to prolong the suspension of uranium transformation, but we should not forget that the European troika represents all the members of the European Union and that the decision making process may take longer than we may wish.
It is essential that these three main countries minimize the influence and the role of the United States in this process. Let us only say that the European Union has toughened its stance after the visit of Condoleezza Rice during Spring.
The Siemens Corporation tried to buy the Russian companies that participate in the Iranian nuclear program but the process was frozen. Some experts see it as an effort to get Russia out of the Iranian market, but the Germans are also interested in India and in Eastern European countries, where Russian facilities are traditionally present.
Russia’s position is very clear, but it is crucial to solve this issue in the negotiating table. According to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Iran has the right to control the cycle of the civil nuclear sector.

Source (Russian Federation)

важно минимизировать давление США” by Anton Khlopkov,, August 28, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.