The political expression of the British pacifist movement, incarnated by lawmakers George Galloway and Charles Kennedy, and opposed to the war in Iraq, has split up a bit during the last few days.

George Galloway joined the TV-reality show “Big Brother Celebrity”, in which ten former celebrities participate, including models and top basketball players. He will transfer his emoluments to a charitable Palestinian association close to Hamas. This is how he expects to reach out a vast audience and cultivate the fame he got when fighting in the left-wing side against the policy of the Prime Minister. “Tony Blair will have a problem. On the one hand, he will wish me eliminated so that I can not achieve a new victory; but on the other hand, I will leave him alone for as long as I stay here, ”, he said.
However, the public opinion has raised questions about the irrepressible need of Galloway to appear at all cost on television. By reminding that the party he established is called Respect, the media openly make fun of this man who is not proud of his term of office in Parliament.

As for Charles Kennedy, leader of the democratic liberals, cornered by a press that was willing to reveal his alcoholism, confessed himself his addiction to alcohol before resigning.

Thus, the British pacifist movement, and the trend that questions the “privileged relationship” between London and Washington, would either lose or see their two main Parliamentarian figures ridiculed.