The billionaire Boris Berezovsky offered 50 million rubles (1.25 million euros or $ 1.6 million) to anyone who would arrest Vladimir Putin during his swearing in as new president of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Berezovsky lives in exile in London whence he finances all kinds of terrorist acts within his own country. With the help of London and Washington, he intends to have Vladimir Putin brought before an international court of justice.

Vladimir Putin was sworn in on Monday, 7 May 2012 at 11:30 am local time. He was elected on 4 March by 63.6% of his fellow citizens for a third presidential term of six years.

The opposition backed by the Anglo-Americans denounced many election frauds; however, the international observers said they were not of such a scope as to have altered the election results.

On Sunday and Monday, more than 400 people were arrested in Moscow as they were getting ready to disrupt the inauguration ceremony at the call of Boris Berezovsky.