The «moderates» of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) attacked the Kurds of the YPG in the North of Syria after the cease-fire had come into force.

Russia specifically asked the FSA to stop fighting.

In reality, this group of the FSA was formed by the Turkish army during the «liberation» of Jarablus, which until then had been occupied by Daesh. However, on instructions from Ankara, the men of Daesh abandoned the flag of the Caliphate for the colours of the FSA. No shots were fired. Today, the jihadists continue their combat under the flag of the FSA.

During the first day of the cease-fire, it was respected over the entire territory by the Syrian Arab Army, Russia, Iran, the International Coalition forces, and the Turkish army, but violated 23 times by the «moderate opposition» and twice by Israël.

Pete Kimberley