Upon instruction from my Government, I would like to draw your kind attention to the following important information:

During the last week of October 2016, armed terrorist groups bombed residential neighbourhoods and civilians in the city of Aleppo with hundreds of Katyusha and Grad rockets, resulting in the deaths of 99 civilians and wounding more than 500 others, until yesterday, 7 November 2016.

In this context, the broadcast media organ of the terrorist organization Jaish
al-Fatah — Army of Conquest, the disguised name of the Nusrah Front, broadcasted an interview with the Saudi terrorist Abdullah al-Mhaisni, the forensic mufti (clerk) of this terrorist organization, who conducted this interview at the time and place from where the rockets were launched on civilians in the city of Aleppo.

In this interview, al-Mhaisni praised some of the donors who “financed the purchase of these 100 rockets and other hundreds which will arrive later” and who are nationals of some Gulf countries, including Abu Mohammad from Al-Qassim Region and the “Group of Islam Brothers” from Saudi Arabia, Abu-Eljud from Qatar and Abu-Ahmad from Kuwait. He clearly stated that these people and group had paid the money to buy these rockets. He also praised Turkey and said that the descendants of the Ottomans were the leading supporters of the Syrians and their jihad.

At the same time, the Saudi terrorist Abdullah al-Mhaisni blamed the Syrian men and youths for their failure in jihad by “staying at home, while hundreds of fighters from all around the world are fighting in Syria for them”.

This broadcast is still available on YouTube at the following link:

Based on the previous information and facts, I would like to conclude the following:

– Despite the numerous resolutions of the Security Council related to the fight against terrorism, and to stop the infiltration of terrorist foreign fighters into Syria and to cut off funding and ban the supply of arms to these terrorists, some well-known Governments, which the terrorist al-Mhaisni talked about by name, still support terrorism and fund and facilitate the passage of terrorist foreign fighters into Syria or condone the illegitimate activities of their own citizens and so-called “charitable institutions and organizations”, which are financing the purchase of lethal rockets to kill civilians in Syria, under the pretext of humanitarian activities.

– The delivery of these lethal rockets to the terrorist armed groups in Syria underlines the lack of will of these Governments and other Governments, some of which are members of the Security Council, in the fight against terrorism. It also reflects the fact that these Governments will continue in their reckless policies, which are based on the use of terrorism as a political tool to achieve the goal of undermining the State in Syria and sabotaging its infrastructure, whatever the heavy price is and whatever the number of civilian victims is.

– The Saudi terrorist Abdullah al-Mhaisni admitted publicly that most of the fighters on the Syrian territory are foreigners and he even blamed Syrians for their failure in jihad. This confirms again the fact, of which the Syrian Government has kept informing the Security Council, and which is perceived by the world public opinion, that Syria is suffering a global terrorist war in which these well-known Governments are involved through funding and fuelling until today.

– It has become a critical time for the Security Council to transparently and impartially uphold its responsibilities, away from double standards, and to recognize that bogus terms like “moderate armed opposition”, “non-State armed groups” or “jihadists” will not repeal the crucial fact that all these fighters are just terrorists who adopt the same extremist ideology based on hatred, murder and destruction.

It would be highly appreciated if the present letter could be circulated as a document of the Security Council.