It appears that from now on, Hamid Karzaï, former Afghan president, will be supported by Moscow who sees in him the best propagandist of analyses from the Kremlin.

Since he left power and handed over to Daesh his duties as the godfather of opium trafficking, the former President has turned against Washington. Last April, he had accused Daesh of being a tool of the CIA [1].

Hamid Karzaï, now interested in the future of his people, preaches reconciliation with the Taliban. He notes that Qatar, Norway, Germany are now in discussions with the Taliban and asks to be able to do the same thing. After 16 years of war, by doing this, he reaches the same conclusions as Russia.

He was President Putin’s guest at the Valdai interviews in October.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Former Afghan President Karzai Calls Islamic State ’Tool’ of US”, Noor Zahid & Rahimgul Sarwan, Voice of America, April 19, 2017.