The US authorities gave prior notice to the “Opposition’s Armed Forces” in South Syria that it would not intervene during the attack of the Syrian Arab Army. This decision has stunned its allies. Yet there is no rational basis for their stupor: President Trump’s decision is simply following through with his anti-terrorist policy which he articulated a little more than a year ago, in his speech at Riyad [1].

The Syrian Forces, 40 000 men strong, emboldened by the support of the Russian Air Force, have sprung into action. Around 45 000 people have fled the region of Deraa and have come together at Syria’s border with Jordan.

The Western Press positions our minds to focus Russia’s violation of the de-escalation agreement presented at Astana on 4 May 2017 [2].

However, even it admits, that “the Opposition’s Armed Groups” in the region are affiliated either to Daesh or are members of Al-Qaeda under the flag of the Free Syria Army.

The de-escalation agreement (para 5) stipulates that notwithstanding the de-escalation agreement, the fight against Daesh, Al-Qaeda and all the associations with ties to this terrorist group, will continue.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Donald Trump’s Speech to the Arab Islamic American Summit”, by Donald Trump, Voltaire Network, 21 May 2017.