The United States Army addressed an email to all of its civilian and military staff denouncing white supremacism.

The thrust of the message is that celebrating Columbus Day, denying the existence of white privilege, talking about American exceptionalism and claiming that there is only one human race are characteristic signs of the far right (meaning President Trump).

The email was sent by the Army’s Equity and Inclusion Agency as part of its Operation Inclusion, and was signed by Casey Wardynski (photo), Assistant Secretary of the Army in charge of Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

The email contravenes the Hatch Act which bounds all federal employees to a confidentiality obligation and prohibits any form of political engagement.

The Pentagon assured that the email was sent by mistake and retracted it.

Representative (Republican, Alabama) Mo Brooks referred the matter to Attoney-General William Barr.

According to polling organizations, in the 2016 presidential elections, US senior military staff officers voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, while rank-and-file soldiers voted just as overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.