William Arkin, a well-known military reporter of the Washington Post, recently revealed the existence of a new classified program of the Pentagon, mysteriously named “Granite Shadow”.

“A spokesman of the Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region” (JFHQ-NCR) confirmed to me the existence of Granite Shadow, a declassified term to name a secret plan”.
In William Arkin’s opinion, this military program would be inspired by Complan 400, implemented after the September 11th attacks, and would generalize military operations in the U.S. soil without the slightest civil control, under the cover of the fight against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
“Granite Shadow would favour internal military operations that would include information gathering and civil surveillance, and establish new rules on the use of lethal and experimental weapons. Control over risk areas would be military and federal, which is in the limit of illegality”.

Well-known for his analysis and predictions, the Washington Post reporter revealed several weeks in advance the way in which the United States planned the invasion of Iraq economically and militarily.