On Friday 13, 2006, four Predator drones bombed a Pakistani village, near the Afghan border.

Pakistani authorities later indicated that such an operation had been carried out by forces of their US ally and was aimed at eliminating the “number 2 man of Al Quaeda” Al Zawahiri, but it was not successful.

In its January 16, 2006 edition, the Chicago Sunday Times is satisfied with this version that fully justifies in its opinion the bombing of an allied state and the killing of civilians.

It suggests that no violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty occurred since officials had been warned before the raid took place.

The article made reference to the statements by Republican Senator John McCain for whom the “war on terror has no borders”. Then, it mentioned the statements by Democrat Senator Even Bayth, for whom the Pakistani government does not control the part of its territory which is being used as a shelter by Al Qaeda. “It is a terrible situation but, what else could we do? ”

The attack caused the death of 18 people, among them, 11 children, and 6 wounded.