For three years, the Shayetet 13 (Flotilla 13), a top secret Israeli Special Forces unit, has been carrying out sabotage operations on Iranian ships bound for Syria. They mainly use landmines fastened to their target, but also the tactical nuclear weapon that they later used to destroy the port of Beirut.

Initially, the objective was to sink the heavy weapons before they reached the Lebanese Hezbollah via Syria. Then it was stepped up sinking the Iranian tankers that supply fuel to the Syrian population.

Iranian losses are estimated to be close to $ 1 billion. Thus, two months ago, Iran began to retaliate against Israeli ships in the Gulf.

This naval war, which has already damaged or sank more than twenty ships, has been ignored by both sides. Nor did the international media report on an oil spill it caused off the coast of Syria.

Commenting on the sabotage of an Iranian tanker on 6 April 2021 offshore Eritrea, the Israeli Defense Minister, General Benny Ganz, said: “The defensive is not enough, we have to carry out offensive missions. and we will do it as best we can.” But how does the fact that the Syrians can put gasoline in their cars constitute a threat to the security of Israel?

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