Part One:
The “Arab Spring” as experienced by the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood as assassins
- The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
- The Brotherhood reinstated by the Anglo-Saxons, and the separate peace with Israel

The Muslim Brotherhood as an auxiliary force of MI6 and the CIA
- Towards the constitution of an Internationale for jihad

The Muslim Brotherhood as auxiliaries of the Pentagon
- The Islamists controlled by the Pentagon
- The fusion of the two “Gladio” networks and the preparation of Daesh

The Muslim Brotherhood as members of the National Security Council of the White House
- The beginnings of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia
- The “Arab Spring” in Egypt
- No to Revolution in Bahrain and Yemen
- The “Arab Spring” in Libya

First setbacks for the Muslim Brotherhood
- The “Arab Spring” in Syria
- The end of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt
- The war against Syria

Daesh realises the dream of the Muslim Brotherhood - the Caliphate
Daesh and the Caliphate
The Liquidation of Daesh

Part Two:
The “Arab Spring” as seen from Paris

The Agony of French Foreign Policy
Jacques Chirac, “the Arab”
Nicolas Sarkozy, American agent

France Manipulated
The preparation for the invasions of Libya and Syria
The beginning of the war against Libya

The start of the war against Syria
The common points between the operations in Libya and in Syria

The Two Frances
The fall of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
The transfer of Libyan combatants to Syria

Syria – the 4th generation war
François Hollande and the return of the Colonial Party
The second war against Syria
The “red line”
The Syrian People declares itself
Daesh and the Caliphate
The Russian intervention
Macron the Undecided
Provisional balance sheet

_ Part Three:
The “Arab Springs” organised by Washington and London

US Supremacy
The Collapse of 11 September
Who governs the United States?
Washington’s strategy
The wars against Afghanistan and Iraq
The extension of the war
Direction – the “Arab Spring”!
The war against Lebanon
The Baker-Hamilton Commission
The war against the Shiites will not be held in Lebanon
The aborted war against Iran
State terror
The Obama Presidency
The Colour Revolution in Iran
“Leading from behind”
The role of MI6
The Syrian state and Bashar al-Assad
The rapprochement between Washington and Teheran
The Israeli-Saudi tandem
Qatar’s opportunism
The instability of Turkey and Ukraine
Organised Migrations used as Weapons of War
The plan of the US deep state against Syria
The myth of international justice
The implementation of the Feltman plan
The jihadists, a powerful land army
Operation “Timber Sycamore”
The manipulation of the Kurdish question
Russia’s intervention
The intervention of China
The Damascene spirit

Epilogue: The Trump Insurrection