President Obama has decided to replace the «Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications», created in 2011, by a «Global Engagement Center». To that end, on the 14th March 2016, he signed a secret decree – but a copy is already in circulation (see document below).

The new administration will be charged with fighting recruitment by terrorist groups. While still placed under the authority of the Secretary of State, it will be directed by Michael D. Lumpkin (photo). It will be «integrated», in other words, administered by a council including representatives from various Ministries and agencies which deal with intelligence or propaganda. It has an annual budget of 20 million dollars. This money will be used not to produce messages, but to subsidise as discretely as possible bloggers or leaders of opinion whose messages are judged to be useful. The GEC will work exclusively in foreign countries.

Let’s remember that the United States may unofficially support certain groups that it considers as «terrorist», as well as any group resisting imperialism – which is why the Centre is attached to the Secretary of State, while being directed by a senior civil servant of the Defence, Michael D. Lumpkin, currently the Assistant Secretary of Defence for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict.

Pete Kimberley

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