The Summit of Sharm-el-Sheikh took place on 24 and 25 February 2019 and brought together the European Union and the Arab League. Its final declaration very clearly expresses opposition to President Trump’s Deal “of the Century” [1].

Considering the Israeli- Arab conflict to be never ending and that no party has been able to resolve it, the White House has tried to take a pragmatic approach, preferring to take into account what’s happening on the ground and not International Law. President Trump’s special envoy, his son-in-law, Jared Kuschner, drew up a plan that has evolved significantly. However we are still not 100% certain of any part of it. That said, it seems to include the following elements:
• the creation of a single Palestine entity under Saudi patronage (and no longer Jordanian);
• hefty aid for economic development. This aid will be funded by the Gulf States and not by Western States;
• the recognition of a number of Israeli annexations.

In their final declaration, the European Union and the Arab League explicitly refer to International Law being the red line in the Israeli-Arab issue. Now, in all the recent texts of the Union, the issue is no longer “international law” but “solutions based on rules of law” (which may be contrary to international law). Such is the case regarding the declarations on Venezuela. By returning to the classic terminology, the Union and the League stamp their opposition, in advance, to the solution thought up by the White House.

This Summit has been marked by the Iranian issue being a non loquitur and by the heavy investment made by Germany, represented by Angie, the German Chancellor, in the Arab scene.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Sharm El-Sheikh summit declaration”, Voltaire Network, 25 February 2019.