Former Lithuanian President Rolandas Paksas at 2003 NATO press conference.

Lithuania provided all the necessary conditions for operating a CIA secret prison for terror detainees, a parliamentary investigation has confirmed.

The Lithuanian parliament has admitted that this country accepted secret CIA prisons, the so-called black sites. This is the first official confession by any country which had collaborated with the CIA in “global war on terror” operations including kidnapping, torture, and other crimes. Poland and Romania are also known to have set up similar secret jails, but they have denied their involvement.

The Lithuanian foreign ministry and former elected officials are still attempting to deny what the Lithuanian parliament has now openly admitted. Former President Paksas claims that he was impeached and ousted in 2004 because he opposed the black sites. This would have amounted to a NATO coup d’etat.

Webster G. Tarpley is interviewed by Lauren Lyster of Russia Today:


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