According to Israeli Channel 12, Iran has constructed a factory to build precision missiles at Safita, a district of Latakia (Syria).

The Israeli Press assumes that these missiles – if the information is correct – are meant for the Lebanese Resistance to use to threaten Tel-Aviv (which has attacked Lebanon several times and continues to violate its air space and territorial waters).
This information comes just as the Guardians of the Iranian Revolution announced that they have Hoveizeh cruise missiles with a range of 1 350 km.

Under the terms of Annex B of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, Iran must not carry out “any activity linked to ballistic missiles conceived to carry nuclear loads including fires that have recourse to ballistic missile technology”. The West interprets this text as prohibiting the conception of any ballistic missile. Iran on the other hand and a number of other States observe that in this context this phrase does not qualify missiles generally; it only applies to those missiles that carry nuclear heads [1].

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Iranian ballistic fire does not violate resolution 2231”, by Eshagh Al Habib, Voltaire Network, 14 January 2019.