The president of the Islamic Conference of Spain, Ayman Adlbi (photo), and the treasurer of Madrid’s Central Mosque, Mohamed Hatem Rohaibani, have been arrested over terrorrism financing.

The Islamic Conference of Spain is the only legally recognized representative organ of Islam and Muslims in Spain [1].

The two men were running an allegedly humanitarian fundraising system, which served to funnel funds exclusively to Al-Qaeda in Syria. Their organization had already transferred 144,710 euros.

The monthly donations of some 30 euros were allocated to "orphans", a euphemism for jihadists. The police recorded encoded telephone conversations which left no doubt as to the set up of this racket [2].

Ayman Adlbi was elected president of the Islamic Commission of Spain in 2020. He is said to be a member of the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. He allegedly fled from Syria and settled in Spain after the failed 1978 coup attempt organized by his secret society (the "Hama Uprising"), with the help of the United States. He is reported to have obtained Spanish nationality during the Cold War.

[2“Instrucciones para donar a la yihad : « Pones huérfanos y ya está »”, Manuel Marraco, El Mundo, 6 de abril de 2021.